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The story of finding the perfect display for the first Gallerydrive car is a long one. First I thought, that it would be nice to use a small black and white CRT. So I bought this cheap video monitor from Ebay.


Of course, the chassis was far too ugly, so I disassembled the whole thing in order to build a nice vinyl body for the electronics and the tube. (Don't do that, if you don't know exactly, what you are doing. Image tubes and TV electronics can be dangerous, even when they are switched off and disconnected from power.)


The next step was to build that cardboard template in order to saw the vinyl in the correct shape.


Here it is.


Now I placed it onto the tube.


Fits perfect... you can see here.



Then, I built the other parts for the body out of gray vinyl.


This also looked quite promising.




At the end, I also built all the other parts to finish the body. It looked really good. The only thing I didn't like, was the small font on the screen, which I generated with the rs232 to video chip, that I mentioned in my entry from 7.7.2006.

However, I attached it to the wheelchair, just using some adhesive tape. And afterwards, I watched the soccer world championships semifinal Germany vs. Argentina, where Germany failed. And during that game, the monitor dropped to the floor. The image tube broke, and I didn't want to shoot pictures anymore of that broken thing. Well, it was a nice experience to build it. But now, I decided to use another display for the wheelchair. It is a very nice blue LCD-Display with touch screen from electronic assembly. I am testing it right now and I will write about it later.


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