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This SUB-D adaptor is a very nice hardware hacking tool. I've put it between the plug of the wheelchair's original control unit and the socket at the back of the wheelchair. All the pins are connected 1:1. All the connections go over jumpers, so I could find out very fast, which of the pins are important for the functions, that I needed. In front of - and behind every jumper, there's a connector, to measure the voltage and to watch the signals with the oscilloscope. I used one on each side of the jumper, to find out from where the voltage comes, if I open the jumper. The jumpers are also very nice to measure the amps, which are going through each cable.



Meyra used a very special SUB-D connector as you can see on the last photo. I could not find a distributor for the connectors, that Meyra used, so I took a standard sub-d connector and I saw out the space for the thicker pins. To connect the thicker pins with the Meyra plug, I simply use alligator clips.


This is the plug that Meyra uses. The two thick pins are for +24V and GND. They have to be so thick, because they are also used to charge the wheelchair's two car batteries.

Because I don't charge the batteries via this cable, I don't need those large pins. I decided to build another adaptor, with which I can connect both to the wheelchair: The Meyra control, or my control via a standard sub-d plug. Unfortunately, I don't have any images of this device. But you can see it closely in this video.


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