Gallerydrive is a completely automated drive-through art exhibition. It combines the spatial experience of viewing art in gallery spaces with the determined dramaturgy of time based art disciplines.

Gallerydrive is an open and discipline crossing project. Artists with any background are invited to contribute works for the course and to enlarge the system by building their own Gallerydrive vehicles.

The following links will help you to get a better understanding of the project:



A collection of texts and concept drawings explain the background of the Gallerydrive project.


Diary about building the first Gallerydrive vehicle and about developing Galleryzone, the Gallerydrive course control

This detailed diary delivers all required plans and schematics to build your own Gallerydrive vehicle. With its many videos and image galleries, it also provides an entertaining overview on the project. The communication between vehicle and course is described at the end of this diary, when Galleryzone, the Gallerydrive zone system, was developed.


Diary about building the Robotik Room

The first artwork, which I am currently building for the Gallerydrive, will be a large electro-mechanical sculpture. It transforms into a white cube, when a Gallerydrive vehicle enters it.

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