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While the wheelchair gets more and more slick, the style of the old gray tires doesn't fit anymore. So I phoned a bit around to organize Pirelli racing tires in the right size. Well, Pirellis were hard to get, but I could find racing tires of a Chinese manufacturer quite fast. So, I've taken them. On the photo below, you can see, how I disassembled the old wheels. I've taken them to the shop, to let the people there put on the new tires. But as I found out later, I could have changed them on my own. They also just use the same tools, that you use for changing the tires of bicycles.


This is how the wheelchair looks without tires. In the middle, the drum brakes are located. The brake shoes go directly on the wheel rim. The wheels are fixed with four hexagon screws. The guy where I bought the tires gave me the very important advice to use locktite when I screw the wheels back onto the wheelchair.


That's how it looks with the new tires!


And a close up of the back wheel:


And one of the front wheel... Now, I am thinking about painting the text on the tires in white. I've already bought a special tire marking pen. But I don't know, yet, if I'll really do it.


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