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This is a comparison of my two service control units. The left one is the device, that I've built first. The much smaller device on the right side, is what I'll finally use in the Gallerydrive car, during the rides. From the technical side, both devices are identical.


This is the back side of the smaller device. It also serves as cover for the service latch.


The old control unit could be used very simple and quick. Even my big fingers were able to adjust the potis fast and precise to the desired value. And furthermore, the poti between my fingers gave me a good feeling about what I'm adjusting.


For adjusting the potis of the tiny new device, I've to use a screwdriver. That's far less intuitive and much slower. So, what I'll do, when I setup a ride is, that I'll first adjust the PID with the old control unit. Then I'll read out the poti values with GDdoctorPro and afterwards, I'll adjust the potis of the new service control unit according to the GDdoctor values.


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