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To let several different Gallerydrive cars run in the same course, they need to have their IR transceiver, their IR distance sensor and their retro reflecting foil at the same positions. So, hereby I am defining now, where those positions have to be!

As you can see on the picture below, the RC5 IR transmitting diode and the TSOP for receiving IR signals are just above the right back tire. They are exactly 38,5 cm above the floor and 7 cm in front of the back wheel's axis.

Next to it, also on the right side, a square of retro reflecting adhesive tape is adhered, which is required, that the car can be detected by the Galleryzone lasers. It should start 5cm in front of the back wheel and end 15 cm in front of this wheel.

The IR distance sensor has to be mounted 29cm above ground, with straight, free sight to the front. I've mounted it slightly left (in driving direction) from the middle. Mine is mounted under the seat. This also means, that all the cars need something like a plate on their back, which the sensor can detect at this height.


Here's a photo of the position, where I mounted the IR distance sensor.


And that's the position of the RC5 IR transceiver.


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