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There's a small shop in my street, where I always wondered, what they are doing in there, when I passed by. The last time I walked up the road, I just went in. And I found out, that they are basically printing a lot of really ugly stuff on very cheap t-shirts. I planned immediately to create Galleryfashion merchandising items in order to become rich. And even if the guy in this shop only produces bad looking things - he has the machines to make my dream become true. The first prototype of Galleryfashion work wear can be seen below.


Unfortunately, I don't have the money to hire neither a fashion photographer, nor a super model. So again, I had to do everything on my own. Thank god, my camera has this timer release!


It's also a bit unpractical, that the most important part of this fashion piece is on its back. It makes it a bit complicated to take a picture with both on it - my face and the print on the jacket.


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