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Last tuesday, we had a business meeting in Leipzig. Volker, Tilman and me were invited to show our works at the Games Convention, and we used this nice opportunity for a Gallerydrive meeting in my hotel room. As you can see, we were thinking a lot about how the communication between the Gallerydrive cars and the Gallerydrive course works.


After a while, we felt hungry and we let us bring something to eat into my room. It was already quite late, the cook was sleeping already, so they could just offer three meals. I chose the tomato soup, while Tilman and Volker ate a very heavy lasagne, which consisted to 90% out of cheese. Perhaps, this was the reason, why Volker always fell asleep in the chair, later. My tomato soup was fine.


When we exchanged our ideas about how the technical system should work, we used all the papers, that we found in the room, to explain the others, how we would like to do the whole thing.
It turned out, that Tilman and Volker had a quite different approach in their minds, than I had. I found their ideas too complicated and they found my plans quite unusual.


This is, how all the paper looked later, at something around two o' clock. The discussion was very interesting. Volker slept most of the time, but Tilman and me had a very nice and constructive talk. And as soon as we came to a point, Volker woke up and wanted to change all the plans.(This happened about three times.) So, at the end we decided, that each of us has to write down a concept, how we can do the communication between car and course. And based on those papers we will decide, how we will finally do it. You can download my communication proposal PDF's here:

Galleryzone proposal (PDF#1)
Signals and Conditions (PDF#2)


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