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It seems, that my electronics require one more fan for cooling. During another test drive, my wheelchair just drove into the heater in my workshop. And it took me a while to recognize, that the problem was inside the LDU. The cold cathode tube didn't light the floor anymore, so the wheelchair did not see anything. The reason, why the light fell out was easy to find: The inverter of the tube overheated. So the few small holes in its plastic case seem to have a reason. It is just strange, that the holes are directly above the transformer's coil - but what burned, were obviously some capacitors, which are located next to the transformer. Well, perhaps it was a chain reaction and the transformer melted first. But I just could not see that. However, I found it also strange, that the connector for a second tube (which was not connected) melted, while the tube that I used, was connected at the right side, where everything still looks alright.


This is the lower side of the plastic case. You can see the brown stain, where the electronics burned through.


Here, you can see, where the holes for cooling are located and where it burned through. My plans were to do a bit of programming today, but it seems, that I've got to go to Conrad first, and to buy a new cold cathode tube and a small CPU fan to get rid of this problem. I will also drill some additional holes for cooling into the inverter's case.


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