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The Gallerydrive system offers a very high control about the kind of perception of the presented artwork.

Parameters, which could only be specified so far, by the artists of time-based art disciplines like film, theatre and music, can be determined now in a gallery space. The way, single artworks are perceived, and the way, a whole exhibition will be experienced is predefined by the Gallerydrive.

Gallerydrive uses a linear dramaturgy for presenting artworks. The artists determine in a choreography, how the visitors move in relation to their works. They control from which perspective, when and how long each work will be noticed. They define the way, in which their artworks communicate itself and they determine the time frame, in which this happens. They have influence on the presentation of (meta-) information over the vehicles display and on the sound environment, in which each work is perceived. For the realization of interactive artworks, they can use the vehicles interfaces.

In response, the artists should present art in the Gallerydrive, which uses, in its formal structure, the specific features of this system. Artworks, which work as good, or even better outside of a Gallerydrive, have to be avoided.

The exhibitions are open for artistic works from all disciplines. Besides visual artists also actors, musicians, video- and performance artists are invited to contribute works to the course. The artists are not limited to any medium or material. They can take influence on all senses of the recipient.

The system itself does not determine contents for an exhibition. But guidelines for the content of exhibitions can be specified for each exhibition.


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